Monday, October 5, 2009

Typhoon in Philippines

Baptist World Aid & Rescue24 Int'l Medical Team update - day 2
Manila, Philippines 4th October 2009
The BWAid Rescue24 International Medical Team consisting of a doctor and two paramedics from North Carolina, USA, a doctor from Singapore (Jennifer from International BC), a doctor, a paramedic and a professional relief worker from Hungary has completed its second day among the typhoon and flood victims of Manila.
With the worries of a second typhoon hanging over their heads the medical team has assisted 117 sick and needy persons in the past two days.

As the floods most severely effected the poorest of the poor, the places and the stories where patients are coming from are heart breaking. Many had to leave shanty houses that were taken shortly after by the flooding river with all their possessions inside. Many were afraid to leave, risking another typhoon in homes that have become life threatening.
“We met a 3-year old little boy today who had to walk in shoulder high water to find something in the room that serves as the living space of the entire family.
Our medical post was set up next to a Government evacuation center - a basketball court with a roof but no walls. The people there are crammed together with the belongings they could carry out before their homes were submerged in water. Many came with wounds inflicted by underwater objects, bronchitis, pneumonia, skin diseases, sleeplessness and anxiety.
The team could administer more than medicines they brought and purchased locally. The good words, the smiles and the visits to the most desperate places gave a little bit of hope for a tomorrow that looks rather grim for many of the victims.” – says David GÁL, BWAid Rescue24 coordinator.
Manila Baptists are sending volunteers to assist the BWAid Rescue24 efforts and at the same time, hundreds of food aid packages were handed out by churches all over Manila. It is a great pleasure to see Baptists from four nations working together to be the hands and feet of Christ reaching out to the desperate.

Please continue to pray for our relief team as they minister to the needy in love and in Jesus’ name. Jennifer requests for prayers for her family members (Husband: Edwin and Children: Shih-yen, Brian, Melissa and Victoria)
We are waiting for news from the Indonesian Baptist Convention on how we can respond with help for the victims at Padang. The relief works are expected to come after this week when the search & rescue efforts will wind down. We are grateful that member churches are appealing for funds from members to be sent to the two disaster areas.
Peter Tang
Singapore Baptist Convention

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