Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rev Augustus mission for Nargis Ophan Eduation 27-30 Jan 2010

Peter Teng mentioned four things 1. Evangelism, 2. Congratulations, 3. Disaster Relief Funds, 4.Baptist Centre Update
3. Disaster Relief Funds – Philippines & Padang Thank you for responding to the needs of those who were victims of the floods in Philippines and the earthquake in Padang. $52,065 was received from 9 member churches and 9 individuals. The money will be given equally to Philippines and Indonesia through their Baptist Conventions.
Rev Saw Augustus and I met recently where he gave me a heart-warming and encouraging update on the post-Nargis Cyclone development works in several villages in the Delta region that suffered extremely from the disaster. I saw photos of many churches that had been built from the funds that were donated from our member churches, and received three letters of appreciation from the provinces for our donations. There is still much work to be done. Judson BC and Karen BC are continuing with regular visits to minister to the villagers physically and spiritually. Rev Augustus shared an urgent need to adopt several boarding schools for children and youths who have lost their parents during the cyclone. They go to government schools in the day and are tutored and nurtured (including Bible study) at the boarding schools in the evening and over the weekends. Many of these boarding schools have been forced to close due to shortages of funds. It only costs S$15 a month to support a child. Rev Augustus is keen to lead a mission team to the villages during 27-30 Jan 2010. If your church and/or you are keen to go, please let me know.
peter tang
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