Sunday, November 20, 2011

To beat mental sickness, my way of life

Yes, Friends

Everybody trying they best way to beat mental sickness ..For me, I believe in Jesus Christ who help me.

After age of 40, I got sleepless disease and financial stress. Meditation can not help for my 3 years sleepless days. When my closed friend Professor and NTU Ph.D candidate U Shein Soe Myint died in Singapore , my sleepless nights are more problem with horrible night dreams. I am very afraid to die. Finally Jesus Christ save me from sleepless disease and financial stress. When my friend Professor U Aung Aung Thein came to Singapore for Quick Dying lung cancer, I visited his several times to chat our old days. That time, I no longer afraid to die because I believe Jesus. Later, he died peacefully in Yangon. Dead is path way to go haven and I believe, I will not be coming back to this "human world".. I still meditate when I was alone but most christian sitting at their bed or closed their eyes is called "praying". (Most Buddhist believe ဘ၀သံသရာ၊ အပယ္၄ပါး၊ နိဗာန္၊ but Islam & Christian believe ယခုဘ၀သစ္ႏွင့္ ထာ၀ရအသက္.

Even the free thinker, multi-God believer, Communist .. also they way of overcoming the stress or mental sickness.

Actually, old day christian monks and pastors used to Meditate but not for public. The believe, people are busy with their daily work, family and meditation can not help. Therefore, I checked working class Burmese Buddhists, they seldom do meditation but

Some (may be high rank people) practise meditation. In Christian and Muslim, "praying" is their main worship and all class of people do "praying". I believed myself that "busy work will released stress, and mental sickness. Actually we all have more or less mental sickness. I need at least one listener who understood me".. Therefore, many ladies life is happy because they have many talking friends.

That is my thinking only. It may not be true for others. My daily talking friend is Jesus. I share my writing, Gospel and my life knowledge to others by internet. That release my mental sickness and escape from MONEY CENTERED LIFE. (To escape from material life is only Jesus Christ who love me, protect me, forgive me, help me, guide me)

Best Regards
Zaw Aung

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Alisa Vernom said...

Whatever the sufferers may think of the advice of their counselors, they should be given mental support. Support and inspiration can give them respite from suffering psychologically.

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