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NEVER SAY DIE, Myanmar Young Crusader

Book Review: NEVER SAY DIE , Boigraphy book "The Story of David Yone Mo (1944-2003) and the Myanmar Young Crusaders" by Douglas Hsu. Publisher ANM, Advancing Native Missions P.O.Box 5303 Charlottesville, VA 22905 " This book is dedicated to my beloved wife Indira, who has faithfully stood by my side for the past ten years and who has nver given up on me. Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. Proverbs 31:29 "
Book completed on Douglas Hsu , New Delhi, India - October 2008.
158 pages - Burmese with 39 Photos including Wedding of David & Kathy (at age of 19&21 yrs old), Parents, MYC , Myanmar Young Crusader activities photo, Family Photo (with his generation 5 children, MYC Bible College Photos, Gospel Crusade, Chit Sann Maung etc.
Chapter 1 - The Young Rebel (16 yrs old, 1944-1960) - Biblical namesake, young David was strong. Father Yong Mo (Engineering scholar) and mother Elizabeth Sein Pu (Nursing scholar) with 5 siblings.
Chapter 2 - The Road Devils (16-19 yrs, 1960-1964). Gang with justic like "Robin Hood".. admire to Al Capone.
Chapter 3 - Kathy (19 to 28 yrs. 1963-1974). Married to Kathy, a Chtholic promary school teacher who raised the 5 children Mark, Kevin, Sharon, David Jr and Timothy.
Chapter 4 - Dying in Ward 21 (29 yr, 1974) Surrender to Lord. Her mother put a Bible in his hospital pillow
Chapter 5 - The Canceled Funeral (29 yr, 1974). He started read 23rd chapter of Luke's Gospel, Two other men, bother criminals , were also led out with him to be executed. When they came to the place called the Skull, there they crucified him, along with the criminals - one on his right, the other on his left. Jesus said, "Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." An they divided up his clothes by casting lots.
Chapter 6 - A New Gang: the Myanmar Young Crusaders (29-37 yrs, 1974-1976). Found MYC to help young people who loss their spirits especially those in drug addicts.. In 1976 he learned of a training oppotunity with Campus Crusade for Christ on the Coco Islands.
Chapter 7 - The Seven Lean Years (I) (32-35 yrs, 1976-1979) David begans and by train to different Burmese states to conduct "mini-crusades.".
Chapter 8 - The Seven Lean Years (II) (35-36 yrs, 1979-1981) Nearly all Burmese dreams of going to America. Received US Green Card - thanks Lord. Dream of bringing wife Kathy and kids. Bible Study Course in Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He helped by sending US$100 per month to MYC. After 6 months, he surrender his green card and return to Burma and helped 19 Kachin drug addicts. One of faithful follower is Zaw Naw. Continued MYC with Cathy to help many drug addicts.
Chapter 9 - Starting to Reap (Early to mid-1980s). MYC released its first hit album, God Loves You and Died for You (1976). Music mission. 1981 - six album release for the young generation. Sale covered all cost within 6 months and profits are used for future mission. He said, "Thank you, Lord! Oh, thank you, thank you!"Chapter 10 - David's Mighty Men (Late 1970s-1980s). The fat Karen man , Albert Howard, an old drinking budy of David found "sing-song" service in 1979. And change of another old drinking partner Peter.
Chapter 11 - Rocking for Jesus (1985-1995). Saw Bwe Hmu - No.1 Burmese rock-and-roll guitarist want to quit drugs. With MYC, many gospel music & songs created to travel all over Myanmare cities and villages. Praise Lord!.
Chapter 12 - Turning Lions into Lamps (I) (1990s-2002) Evangelical Baptist Bible School (EBBS) at MYC. Many Bible graduates.
Chapter 13 - Turning Lions into Lamps (II) (1990s-2002) ex-addict Bible School graduates news to Japan, Thailand, Philippines media and German, United Nations officials. La Tawng, Hein Htaik Thaw .. example of a lion-turned-lambs.
Chapter 14 - Touching the Lepers (1984-2002)
Chapter 15 - Embracing More Outcasts (1985-2002). To the zoo with his 10 orphan children. Outsiders had a difficult time understanding how David could handle so many orphan children living with him in his own house.
Chapter 16 - Not of This World (1995-2002). Across the country, young people from both Buddhist and Christian .. Pop Bands. Saw Bwe Hmu, a drug addict and pop Rock-and-Roll guitarist. First album of Saw Lwin Lwin 1998. Together with drug addicts, orphans, lepers and HIV-AIDS patients - activities of country jazz, pop rock and heavey metal music styles. Popular song "Hero of the Gospel".
Chapter 17 - Never Say Die (2003) Fight with cancer. Several treatments Singapore between 2002 to 2003. Until he died in 24 August 2003, we never give up to glorify the Lord.

1. Book is available from .. US$14.00 in USA and + shipping cost to oversea.

2. Saya Mark, his son's Father Day's testimony is availabe in Burmese at

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