Saturday, April 25, 2015

We must dare to talk to "non believers about Jesus is Lord?

Roman 12, Believers to Christian Life
1. Suffering (unable to get his personal efforts..)
2. Surrender .. many people unable to surrender,.. end..their life
3. Christian - Surrender to God, Jesus & Holy Spirit. 
4. Vertical Relation with God, Horizontal relation with Family/Friends/Colleges..
5. If Vertical Relation with God is less than Horizontal relation, end.. their life.
6. Start with Love, Regular attend church. Mega church also recommend. No need to give donation, just go there and sing hymn, prayers & sermon.
7. We can stop at level-6 arrive Heaven/Salvation, but best is to testimony to others. is a role model of "Talking about Good News" ... They go house to house, two person together. Some people said, they are fault teacher but i believe "No" .. We must dare to talk to "non believers about Jesus is Lord?" (I am not JW follower)... 
* Congratulation! to those young brother&sisters' testimony.

* If we dare to talk/testimony to other about Jesus goodness , our life is much better.
God Bless You.

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